Empower your mind and body through the art of aerial dancing


Build Strength

Indulge yourself in a very popular form of exercise that includes your favorite dances, while building and toning your muscles.

Gain Coordination

Because aerial dance requires use of the whole body, as you become more advanced, your coordination will improve.

Self Confidence

Once you gain the basics, your aerial dancing skills will translate to real life, boosting your confidence.

Stress Relieving

Not only is aerial dancing beneficial to your physical health, but, the sport is also a fun way to relax while still pushing your body to stay fit.

We Welcome You!

Forever Aerial welcomes you to visit our aerial dance studio. We are are located in Coral Gables, Florida on Ponce De Leon Boulevard. We offer many classes with flexible hours, seven days a week. There's a class to meet even the busiest schedule. Our Forever Aerial team is looking forward to welcoming you to our studio and is excited to share the art of aerial dancing with you.

Our Passion

Our Forever Aerial Instructors are dedicated dancers whose primary mission is to help you improve your body and mind through the art and passion of aerial dancing. You will not only experience a physical transformation, but a mental enlightenment as well. You will be able to build trust and confidence within yourself.

Our studio is furnished with the latest equipment

We have 12 Lupit poles installed, along with 8 aerial rigs to attach many types of aerial equipment including: lyra, aerial silks, trapeze, and flying pole.

Enjoy the soothing ambience of our studio featuring artistic walls designed by Exotic Walls Finishes, integral lighting, and a comfortable waiting/dressing room for students located in the rear of the studio.

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We offer a range of classes to help you develop your strength and flexibility.

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